Kenickie – 10 years gone

October 15, 2008

The kenickie gig mp3’s are now stored here





  1. […] – Ben Hall has lobbed some Kenickie Live MP3s onto his own 10 year Kenickie post, and they’re entirely loveable. Especially worth listening to the version of I Would Fix You. I […]

  2. Someone elsewhere has just raised a point – how come I Would Fix You wasn’t on ATC if it’s that old?

  3. Wow! Cheers!

  4. I suspect this might have been Reading 1997. (I haven’t actually downloaded and listened to this yet, so it may begin with an announcement saying “Live from Reading 1996” or something, but it’s quite late and I don’t have time at the moment.) I’m sure I recall seeing them not long after At The Club came out and announcing I Will Fix You as a new song.

  5. Although actually having listened to it now, it’s not the version I remember from the time so I’m almost certainly talking rubbish. Just back up and pretend I never said that. Maybe they’d already recorded most/all of ATC by the time they wrote it?

  6. Everyone was right. I was wrong. Sorry everyone.

  7. Although… *drags bowl and basket towards coop* do you have the recording of the Radio 1 London Sound City gig about a fortnight before ATC’s release which also features IWFY?

  8. Unfortunately this is all the rare Kenickie stuff I have. BFBS were never really that bothered about indie, unless you count John Peel who used to do a radio show for them.

  9. I think the Radio 1 Sound City gig was the one where I saw them and they announced etc etc, although I thought it was before rather than after ATC came out because, well, it was 11 years ago and I can barely remember what happened last week half the time.

  10. In fact, I can’t even remember the meanings of the words “before” and “after”.

  11. It is that one, because I’ve got it in mp3 form (maybe I should have made that clearer earlier) and Emmy-Kate mentions its forthcoming release at one point.

  12. Thank you kindly.

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